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Scones 2

The last time was an experiment to see if that recipe was better than the other one I’ve tried. It was. So today these popped out of the oven:


And were quickly topped with maple icing and pecans.

There were 8 of them. I had to make sure they were ok before I took a picture.

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Los Angeles Needs a Revolution

There, now that my blog is flagged by homeland security, this post is actually about Wired All Wrong, a new industrial/pop/electronic band. I first heard their song Lost Angeles on Indie 103 I think about two months ago, but I couldn’t figure out who it was. This post’s title is a line from the song. I’ve heard it a couple of times since, but still didn’t know who it was. I just knew I loved it. Indie’s automated song history didn’t list it the time I looked. Google turned up nothing for “Los Angeles Needs a Revolution”. Very frustrating! But I thought about that song again today, and tried the search again, and it finally turned up a hit. “Wired All Wrong,” I said, that sounds familiar. I looked in iTunes… and what do you know, Nothing At All by Wired All Wrong was this week’s free iTunes download, and I already downloaded it but hadn’t listened. An actual good free download for once, go get it! (Still free if you read this before Tuesday) Lost Angeles was the song I was actually looking for.


Corsair 0.2.6

I wrote a RSS reader/podcast aggregator called Corsair a while back. It’s for the Archos PMA400 media player, but is also known to work on Sharp Zaurus PDAs. Archos doesn’t even have a page about the PMA400 any more, so I don’t know if you can even get one anywhere. Too bad, it’s a great little media player for hacking around on.

I released an updated version today. Download page is here.



I baked these misshapen lumps today. Some call them scones.



I hate the word “Blog.” But what are you going to do?  I’ve got the domain working again, might as well do something with it.