6 miles

I’m trying to lose a little weight. I’m also trying to not alter my diet drastically, only a little bit, but add exercise. Mostly I’m walking to work a few days a week, or hopefully most days, I suppose (work’s moving less than a year from now, so either that’s going to be out or I’m going to move too!). I missed walking thursday for practical reasons, but had Friday off and determined I would make up for Thursday by making up that distance on Friday. The walk to work is 1.5 miles. So work and back each day is 3 miles. Making up for a day missed means a six mile walk.

I also bought a cheap-ass $5 pedometer at Target. I didn’t even go through the calibration steps yet, I figured I’d wait until I’d done a walk to work with it, which I know is 1.5 miles as close as a car’s odometer can measure. And I know it takes me almost exactly half an hour. So I know I walk awfully close to 3MPH.

Which means if I walk an hour and an hour back, I should have walked 6 miles. So I walked for an hour to the minute (there’s a great bike/ped trail right here, actually goes in a loop at least a couple miles farther to complete the circuit, I’ll get there eventually), turned around, walked home. I left the pedometer on it’s default setting.
Here’s Friday morning’s results.

On a related note, I’ve been listening to Escape Pod on my walks. It rocks, it’s a 20-40 minute podcast of science fiction short stories, done about once a week. It’s just about the best thing ever.


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  • mark says:

    You know, I was working in a production plant here in michigan, where I had to walk ALL DAY. I have had jobs where I was on my feet all day. I been a cook for like 17 years now off and on. But walking all day was just killer. I kept meaning to get myself a pedometer. One of the other guys who had a job in the plant that required him to walk, but MUCH less than me, had already done almost 4 miles by lunch. So, I figured I was doing a bout 8 a day. OUCH. It was so draining.

    good exercise though.

  • Verrier says:

    You might get a good laugh out of this:


    A little story about a guy jogging to lose weight, be careful 😀

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