10 pounds, five weeks

That’s what I’ve lost. 10 pounds is also when I told myself I was going to start running instead of just walking. (Besides the couple of older posts I made about walking, I’ve done several more walks up to about 11 miles. Just didn’t post them.)

I actually jumped the gun a little bit, I’ve gone out running about four times in the last few weeks. But I figured since today I actually hit my original goal I really ought to run. I actually think I’m still getting more benefit from the really long walks than the really short runs right now, but each time I’ve gone running I’ve managed to run a little bit more and walk a little bit less. I have about a 1.5 mile route I take, and I just run until I start to feel winded or my legs start to hurt (first couple of times, it was the legs, now it’s the lungs, that’s good! But the legs are still not happy either.), then walk until I feel like I can run some more. I think the first time I went out, I probably didn’t even run a quarter mile of the whole thing. Today I managed about 2/3rds of a mile running. (Checked using http://beta.mapmyrun.com, a really great site for figuring out distances and speed).

My next goals are to work up to running the whole 1.5 miles, gradually, and to keep losing 2 pounds a week for at least another few months. I easily have that much excess weight. I met my first one essentially right on schedule (I never set a time table, but the 2 pounds per week has been pretty consistent) and I feel better than I have in a long time. Even if my legs are too stiff to stand up a few times a week (the 11 mile walks are way worse for that than the 1.5 mile half-runs though). If I do that run a couple of times a week, I think I can work up to running the whole thing in about a month, but I’m not going to force it. If I just keep doing what I’ve been doing, it’s going to keep getting easier no matter what. Just lugging around 10 fewer pounds helps all by itself.


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