Fun with language filters

All MMOs have profanity filters. Usually optional, but always available.

This week I had to look at a ticket about a particular player who was forced to change his name for “no apparent reason.” It turns out his name, his whole name, not a substring, had been added to the profanity filter in the most recent patch, which will cause an automatic rename. The closest translation of his name (it was German) appears to be “rascal”, but obviously more derogatory if someone put it in the profanity list. I’d link you the google translation of the German wikipedia page, but I don’t want to cause the player any grief by posting his (old) name.

Adding actual substring matching to profanity filters is usually a bad idea. You might think there are certain words that are always bad even if they only match substrings. You might even go and add them to the list.

Until your game winds up filtering out “Brightwater Lake”

That happened in beta. Look closely.

Also, the forums used to filter out cockroach.

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  • Andrew says:

    the game filters out twat hah… its the quality you provide HA

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