35 miles * 2

I rode 35 miles yesterday. That’s my record distance (not for my whole life, but for this millenium at least).

Then I did it again today. So there.

I picked up this book this week, and finally sat down and finished it today.  From the looks of things, over the last six weeks, I’ve managed to blindly get myself to the point where I can start the “advanced” version of their 10 week century training program.  I’m already beyond the first few weeks of the “beginner” program.  The first week of the advanced program includes a 40 mile ride on Saturday, exactly what I’d planned, and less total miles than I put in this week.  The 14 mile “brisk” ride on Wednesday is going to be harder than the 40 miler.

So yeah.  I’m going to do their crazy 10 week program.  And now that I’ve blogged it, I have to do it.  Everyone on the internet has to do everything they say they’re going to do.  It’s the law.

Of course, if I do a 10 week century program, I’ve got to ride a century at the end of it, right?  The Tahoe Sierra Century is conveniently scheduled (actually 13 weeks away).  Good lord, did I just blog that too?

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