AT&T Customer Support Is Mostly Clueless

On the phone for the 7th time about activating my iPhone.  It’s the second time I’ve actually got someone to discover something wrong with my account.  And he basically told me the first person was lying (not in those words, just directly contradicted her).

I’ll post about (or from) the iPhone if they ever get it working.

Saturday, June 30th, 2007 Uncategorized

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  • Fritz says:

    I was entitled to Wireless Modem Rebate of $ 50 from 120 days from date of submission of form. They have a site to check the Equipment Rebate. The Date specified was Oct 10. When I called up on Oct 20 to check the reason for delay they told that the mails are delayed and will reach by next week. Subsequently on Oct 31 they told me that the check that was already issued will be cancelled and a new check will be issued. Cancellation will take 15 days for them to check the account, and issuing new check will take another 15 days. I informed them that henceforth I will delay the payment to the extent of the delay in rebate, they informed me that I signed a contract to pay interest for delayed bill, but there is no interest on delayed rebate. DOUBLE STANDARDS. neither they have a customer care email, in order to record the conversations on email. Very strange!!!

    CETERES PARIBUS!!! Buyers Beware…… this is the message they are trying to convey… the world’s largest network.

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