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The book I posted a few posts down has a lot of advice about various cycling gear.    I can’t say if any of it’s the best advice, I’ve basically got the one book and whatever I can Google to go on.   But it all sounds like it comes from experience.  One thing that’s been bothering me is socks.  No one has any advice on socks.  I’ve worn everything from thick hiking socks to thin running socks on my long rides, and it doesn’t seem to make much difference so far.  I may have a slight preference for the thicker socks.  I’ll grant you that shoes are probably more important than the socks that go in them, and that there’s plenty of advice on shoes all around, and that I think I did a decent job choosing the shoes I’m wearing now (They’re MTB shoes though, and I could see switching to real road bike shoes for the long rides and whatever event I do).  Nevertheless, I am CERTAIN that pro cyclists have preferences in socks too!  But the only advice I can find on the subject (with minimal effort expended – far more time was put into writing this snarky post than into actually looking up sock advice)  is for cold weather, which doesn’t concern me.  I live in Southern California.  Cold is anything under 65F.

WHAT KIND OF SOCKS SHOULD I BE WEARING?  My god, this could ruin my whole plan if I don’t figure it out.

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  • They sell biking socks through Nashbar, and at biking stores, etc.

    They’re basically just low cut thinner sports socks. Usually using a coolmax fabric to wisk away sweat. The big thing is to prevent chaffing.

    Your old netrek buddy Caesar 🙂

  • Ogre says:

    Whew, that’s a load off my mind. Thanks! 🙂

    Good to hear from you!

  • Lee says:

    I wear road shoes, which are well ventilated and kind of tight, so I like a thin sock. If you search Amazon for “Coolmax DeFeet” (don’t want to post a long link) they are really cheap. You don’t get to pick designs (most are from various cycling clubs), but they are decent, dirt cheap socks.

    I also love anything Pearl Izumi, but they aren’t cheap. My favorite jerseys and shorts are PI.

    Specialized also makes great socks, but again, a bit more expensive.

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