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Speaking at GDC

I’ll be on a round table discussion on “Taming Online Scaling Issues” at the Austin Game Developer’s Conference, September 5th through the 7th. My session is on the 6th. Since it’s just a round table, I’m only talking for a few minutes, as are the other participants, and then it’s an open discussion for anyone that shows up.

Stop by and join in, or just say hi, if you’re around.

Taming online scaling issues is closely related to taming lions. Whips and wodden chairs are involved, and every once in a while someone suffers a disfiguring accident.

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I hate Thursdays

Thursdays are rest days on my schedule.  No riding at all.  Rest days are important for recovery, and this one comes right after a day where I have to push harder than normal.  It all makes sense.  But I hate it anyway, I want to ride.

Funny how 4 months ago I was getting essentially zero exercise.  But now just one day a week without a ride is hard to deal with.

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Top of the world

This is the best view on any of my frequent rides. Mostly because it’s a view of a nice long downhill stretch after a pretty good climb. It’s not very obvious in the picture, but there’s a giant orange balloon over on the right side. It’s at the future Irvine Great Park, the first thing they’ve put in there. It only just opened. You can go for a ride to get an even better view of Irvine.


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Made it

My planned route wound up being exactly 49 miles.  So I rode past the end a little bit and back, for 50.2 miles total.

The end was pretty tough, and I don’t think I was even riding as strong as last week for most of it.  But I made it.  It’s probably the second time in my life I’ve ridden a half century, but the first where I was actually tracking the miles.

And they only get longer from here.

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Half Century

Since I wound up doing 46 miles (2 miles over) last week, I’m going for the half century this week instead of the planned 48 miles. I think I’m going to do basically the same route, just splice this in towards the end for the extra 4. There’s a beach get together I might go to, and still might change my mind and ride to, but that would be a little later in the day, south through Laguna Beach, which is not a bike friendly ride on summer weekends. So I think I will probably try and drive down there (and not find parking, and leave) after my ride. Oh well.

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Obviously it’s in my genes

This appeared in the L.A. Times, 1974.  I’m the smiling kid.  My brother is the future axe murderer.

A Whatzit Built For Four

The full name of the photographer is cut off, but I bet it was Boris Yeltsin.

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All the way there

Are you like me? When you hear the phrase “Half way there”, do you always have to mentally complete it with “WHOA-OH, living on a prayer!”? I hate all the crap in my brain.

Anyway, here’s how I looked after the full 46 miles it wound up being.

Skeleton on a bike

Actually not really, it felt really good. I could’ve even gone a little further. In fact, I feel better than I did after 40 miles last week. I’m really liking this program.

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Half way there

22 miles in, posted from the road.


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This Saturday’s Big Ride

Before I started this program, my near term goal was to ride the full length of Santiago Canyon and loop back to home. I hadn’t mapped the whole thing out, but I’d eyeballed it at close to 50 miles, and figured I’d do it on my 48 mile ride a week from Saturday. But just to see, I went and checked it out, and it turns out it’s actually 44.5 miles. Perfect for THIS Saturday. So I guess I’m doing it two days from now. Gulp!

Here’s the whole route, if this embed thing from works. If you don’t get a blog update on Saturday, this is where to send the search parties 🙂

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Zombies overrun Balboa island

We all knew it was coming, but it’s finally happened. This 4th of July, Balboa was overrun by zombies. Here is a picture from the final moments of one intrepid reporter. Soon after this was uploaded, he succumbed and his brains were devoured. The entire island was then cordoned off by police, and all zombies attempting to leave were dispatched by shotgun.


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