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Another Parade Picture

Actually just testing posting with pictures from the iPhone using email.



It’s a Helipad

 There’s a Helipad at our new building.  We are so cool.


I think they’re removing it though.  We’re not really that cool.


Ride reports

Tuesday: 13 miles total, but timed the first 10 using my old daily 10 mile route.  Wasn’t pushing as hard as I possibly could, but it was harder than I was actually supposed to.  Net result: beat my pevious best time on that specific route by 2 minutes.  That felt awesome.  I guess this workout plan is working or something.  Shocking.

Wednesday: 17.5 miles total, was only scheduled for 14, but I took it easy for the extra miles.  Did those 14 miles 3 minutes faster than last week.  But this one I don’t think is a fair comparison, I had a massive tailwind for the first 5 miles, and the route was such that I was sheltered from the wind for most of the rest where it would’ve been a headwind.  Even so, that was fast too.

I also ran into some kind of 4th of July parade today, but whatever it was, I missed it, the crowd was starting to leave.  I did get a picture of one float that was parked near where I ran into all this, which seemed to be dedicated to picking up after your pets.


iPhone Line

I just posted photos from the iPhone line on Friday.  This was at the Fashion Island Apple Store.  It was a lot of fun, the people in line were awesome, and Apple sent around bottled water and coffee all day, and ice cream bars once.  Plus since I got there around 9:30 AM, I got a spot that was in the shade all day.  There was a window of a couple of hours where everyone got lucky like that.  Earlier or later and I would have roasted.

Sure, it turned out I probably could have just gone and bought one on Saturday at some Apple stores (there are four Apple stores in a 20 mile radius, it’s a little nuts around here), but I think that one did sell out that night, and it was like a big party.


Posting from iPhone

Only took 13 calls and 46 hours, but it works now. Whew.