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Metric century

Yesterday’s ride (where I took that picture) was 66 miles, which I just realized is the first time I’ve done a metric century (100km + a little bit).  That milestone should have come two weeks ago, but life’s been interesting, and I slacked on that ride and missed last week’s long ride completely.  Last week, leading up to yesterday, I’ve got things back on track.  Should have been 71 miles yesterday too, going by the schedule (and having set last week as a do-over of the week before), but 66 miles after two weeks of relative slacking was a pretty big deal.

Still only a little bit sore today though.  The ride itself was really tough towards the end, but I’m feeling back in the swing of things riding-related again.  Even if I did miss my ride today.  Sleeping 10 hours straight will do that.

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The rules are different here

Little known fact: in most parts of Orange County, fire is harmless. You can sit right in the middle of a roaring bonfire on the beach and not feel a thing. But the rules are different in Santiago Canyon. When traveling through that zone, fire can and will hurt you. Luckily, the server displays the following message when this rule change takes effect.


Fire is hazardous from that point on.

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Actual email conversation:

Her:  “So what do you do?”

Me: “I’m the lead server programmer on World of Warcraft”

Her: “Wow, you’re like the Paris Hilton of programming!”

Me: “That’s hot!”

I have been informed that this means I am funny.


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Registered for the Bay to Bay Bike Tour

It’s a ride to benefit multiple sclerosis.  You can sponsor me here if that’s something you want to support, but I’m not asking anyone to,  only pointing out that you can.  I’m doing it for my own personal reasons that don’t actually have anyhing to do with MS.  Plus the starting line is at most two miles from where I live (Not sure exactly where it is, but they described one hotel as being less than a mile from the start, and I’m less than a mile from that hotel.  I can see it from my upstairs window.)  That’s worth me eating the entire required donation all by itself 🙂

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