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We’re Groupies!

We just got back from ambeR Rubarth at the Plush cafe in Fullerton.  It’s the second time we saw her, the first was one of our first dates.  We already had tickets for San Francisco this Saturday, and the Coach House next week.  I said that made us groupies.  GF said if we were real groupies we’d be going to the show in Santa Barbara on Thursday too.

So anyway, we’re going to Santa Barbara on Thursday.

ambeR at the Plush cafe

That’s ambeR of course.  She played a song she said she’d never played before, only a different version of it, once.  Turns out that was the song we’d been trying to figure out since we saw her way back when.  When we talked to her after the show, she figured we must be the only people in the world who’ve heard both versions.

So yeah, groupies.  Never been a groupie before.  Feels ok!

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We’re going to go see Tool in Las Vegas next month. Also Bjork the following day. One show for me, one show for her. It’s like they planned that weekend just for us. It’ll be fantastic!

So this morning, do we listen to Tool? Bjork? Oh no. Boyz 2 Men christmas music, that’s what I get subjected to.



Red wine and nachos

Go together like :

  • Anchovies and licorice.
  • Onions and coffee
  • Olives and marmalade

Other than that, Suzanne Vega at the coachhouse was a good show!


Soccer Mom

She’s driving a minivan too.


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