We’re Groupies!

We just got back from ambeR Rubarth at the Plush cafe in Fullerton.  It’s the second time we saw her, the first was one of our first dates.  We already had tickets for San Francisco this Saturday, and the Coach House next week.  I said that made us groupies.  GF said if we were real groupies we’d be going to the show in Santa Barbara on Thursday too.

So anyway, we’re going to Santa Barbara on Thursday.

ambeR at the Plush cafe

That’s ambeR of course.  She played a song she said she’d never played before, only a different version of it, once.  Turns out that was the song we’d been trying to figure out since we saw her way back when.  When we talked to her after the show, she figured we must be the only people in the world who’ve heard both versions.

So yeah, groupies.  Never been a groupie before.  Feels ok!

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  • Patrick says:

    Back in the day when I was moderately hip I ended up interviewing Aimee Mann, sharing a cigarette with her, and seeing two of her shows in a week. The odd thing was that I hated Aimee Mann and everything she stood for earlier.

    I didn’t want to do any of it. I was covering at the college (professional school for me) for the DJ who’d been supposed to interview her, because that DJ never made it to her show, probably because she was drunk or something. So I had a 30 minute conversation about ‘Til Tuesday (which I despised and still hate), why Warner Bros cartoons are best left uncensored, and cereal. And I let her play her (at the time, mid-90s) more recent music to promote the show she was playing. She gave me a ticket and I liked her more mature direction, so I ended up taking the girlfriend of the time to her next show a hundred miles away later that week. And I still play “One” about every other month or so.

    The only other “name” musician with whom I’ve had anything close to that much dealing is a certain “big hat” country singer who warbles about Ford trucks, but that was entirely professional contact. I still despise him. He showed up for his deposition high.

    An Aimee Mann groupie is I.

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