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Yesterday we became the proud owners of this little doglet.  He’s from the pound, about 3-4 years old.  His name isn’t decided yet.  He was named Panda, but we’re changing it.  He doesn’t respond to it, and we’re actually wondering if he isn’t at least a little bit deaf.  It’s not clear yet whether he’s not hearing things or just choosing not to listen.  He’s possibly the most agreeable little dog I’ve ever met, especially for having been with us less than 24 hours.

As for names, Boomer, JD, and Patinkin are the front runners.

Boomer?  JD?  Patinkin?

We’re also moving just for the little guy’s sake.  The apartment we’re in doesn’t allow dogs, but we’re getting a better apt (more light and air, nice view) in the same complex that does. Lots of changes going on!

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Is my average post too long winded for you? Then you should follow my stupid twitter updates instead.

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Today is gadget day

The new MacBook Air was announced today.  “We” promptly ordered one, which really means I can actually have my MacBook Pro back in about two weeks.

But that’s not why it’s gadget day.  I posted a while back about the conditions under which Honorary Gadget Girl could drop the “Honorary”.  I have been remiss in not posting that she got an  iPhone for Christmas and so has not been Honorary for a month.  But today she met the other condition as well.  There’ll be “music” in the “air” tonight.

I’m so glad my Mom knows about this blog.  Hi, Mom!

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OMG! Snow!
You can almost even see it in this picture. It’s a blizzard!



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