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I’m a TV Star

Or at least the back of my head is. I’m in there, front and center, right behind Paul’s stalkergroupie (lnor) and her mom.

Things I learned at this taping:

  • Getting all monitors to display everything in the correct aspect ratio all the time is so difficult that even a major network television show can’t get it right. Before the show they had an old episode playing on the widescreen studio monitors, and parts of it were squashed vertically.
  • Jimmy Kimmel “Live” is so not live that they taped another musical performance from The Swell Season the night we were there, and it doesn’t air until Friday.
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    Today’s Math Quiz

    Q: If an lnor and a jungle dog leave home travelling at X mph, and an ogre leaves work 5 minutes later travelling twice as fast, where do they meet?


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    I love the whole world






    Do I want to know what’s really in those “Churros”?


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