Jungle Drums of Ur’vine

As J.D. and I set out for our morning excursion, we heard the sound of jungle drums beating in the distance. As we emerged from our nocturnal hiding hole, we were greeted by this sight:

The natives were staging some sort of tribal procession. For a primitive people, they were remarkably well organized, with sentries marking the way, and guardians making sure the local fauna did not harm the pilgrims:

I stopped one of the participants to ask what this was all about. Though we did not share a language, I was able to gather that this march is in honor of their god, Ar-Thritis. He must be a powerful god indeed to inspire so many. As we returned to our encampment, I captured one more high vantage point view of the ritual.

The land of Ur’vine and it’s population grow more mysterious and wonderful in their ways by the day.

(This post is apparently Part 2 in a series. Here’s Part 1)

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