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Huatulco, Mexico

Just walking around town pictures.  This is one of my favorite stops.  There’s an actual town right at the pier where the ship is docked, not an hour’s bus ride away like so many stops.  And the town is nice and clean and beautiful.  It is a tourist town, but at least it’s right here!  Hurray!






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Panama Canal Pics


photo 2.jpg

photo 3.jpg
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Columbia pictures

All from Tayrona National Park, a beachfront rainforest, about 45 minutes outside Santa Marta, Columbia.




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Misc. Aruba Pictures

No-lemur edition.

That one’s actually the sunset leaving Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.  Or was it the sea day the day after?  I forget.  It doesn’t matter.





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From the beach at Half Moon Cay.  This is basically the whole island.
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The Sights

On the beach at Half Moon Cay

Sunset from the Crow’s Nest, leaving Half Moon Cay

On our porch today


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So Long, Suckers!

The Lemur Prepares for TravelI’m out of here, on a ship for almost the next three weeks.  I might be posting occasional updates over on, I brought the little bugger (see picture) with me.  It all depends how much shame I can find for him to get into.  And how much internet I can get.

Gadgets in the picture that I couldn’t leave home without: Kindle, iPhone battery pack, laptop, book light for use with Kindle, spare batteries for same, chargers (and the picture was taken with an iPhone of course!)  I was almost going to leave the laptop at home (or my mom’s house, where I am tonight for my flight from San Diego), but it’s coming after all just in case I get inspired to post things on the lemur’s blog.

Not pictured: Lnor‘s SPARE gadget bag in my carry on because she ran out of room in her main gadget bag.  (I’m only being slightly unfair by counting cameras as gadgets.)

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New Blog

As requested by lnor, we have another new blog.  It’s not for me or her though.  It’s for the garage door.  I guess I’ll put it on twitter next.

Screen shot 2009-12-10 at 7.51.44 PM

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