Stuff I deleted from Facebook

I don’t really care if the world knows all this, I just resent Facebook making it ever harder for me to control. So my Facebook profile is now almost devoid of info besides a link to this site. Also It thinks I was born in 1992. You used to be able to edit your birthday, so I did, often, just to see what ads I got for different ages (and because they never let you leave the year blank). Now you can’t, so I’ll be 22 years younger forever since the last time I played with it I made myself 18.

Things Facebook used to know about me include:
I work at Blizzard
I live in San Clemente, CA
I attended UC Riverside and Dana Hills High School
I “like” Rock Sugar (the band), Bruce Campbell, Have’a Corn Chips, Swiss Army Knives, and half a dozen other random things
You can find various ways to contact me over there on the About/Contact page.

Also, this is my first post from an iPad. Typing on it really doesn’t suck!

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