Aliso Woods

Hiked 11 miles in Aliso and Wood Canyon park today. The GPS app on my phone says it was over 2000 feet of elevation too, but I don’t believe it. It also drained my battery down to 25%, clearly I need a dedicated GPS if I decide I actually care about mapping whole trips as opposed to select points.


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Sunday, August 1st, 2010 Hiking

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  • Jesse says:

    Don’t you still have a gps attached to your road bike?

  • Ogre says:

    I’ve tried it, it’s seriously flawed for hiking. It has an “auto-pause” feature where it stops recording any time you stop moving. Only it’s definition of “not moving” is seemingly anything under 5mph, and I ain’t running, just walking. I can’t seem to disable that feature, and even more annoying than missing data because of it, it beeps every time it turns on or off, and I can’t turn the beeping off either.

  • Jo Anne Rumsey says:

    How about Modjeska Canyon, Madame Modjeska’s house and Irvine Lake? Maybe those hikes are too “tame” – but if you get there, wd love to see pix of what they look like now. I suppose housing has crept over much of those areas.

  • Ogre says:

    Modjeska Canyon out to Laurel Springs looks like a great hike, I’ll add that to the list. But probably not for a couple of months unless we get another “cool” weekend like this one (highs were only in the low 80s in that part of the county this weekend.) It is possible to reach Modjeska peak (the shorter half of Saddleback) from that side too, but that’s a REALLY long hike, nearly 30 miles round trip. It’s popular with mountain bikers. Hikers prefer the much shorter Holy Jim trail to reach both peaks. Even then, Modjeska is nearly a 20 mile hike. Santiago is “only” about 15. Funny that the shorter peak is the harder one to get to.

    I didn’t know what Modjeska canyon/peak/etc. were named for until you mentioned Madame Modjeska and I went googling it all, thanks! Her house is still there, tours are available, but only “four times a month”, and I gather you can’t get to the grounds otherwise. There are about 200 homes in Modjeska canyon it seems, but they’re the same ones that have “always” been there, that whole area is still mostly untouched. Between Irvine Lake and Cook’s Corner things haven’t really changed since I was in high school. Out past Irvine Lake is another matter.

  • Ogre says:

    Alright, I looked up the manual for that GPS, and I can turn both those things off, they were just in really non-obvious places (not anywhere under “Settings”!). So it ought to do reasonably well. I will take it out next time.

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