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I Kept Expecting a Gorn to Pop Out

Just sayin’.

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Took this picture, and a few hundred more, in Joshua Tree Natl Park yesterday. Just practicing iPhone blogging, haven’t even looked at 90% of those pictures yet!

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Had to write my own wordpress plugin

The iOS WordPress app includes geotagging. But it refuses to save geotagging info in local drafts. It used to work last summer when I first set up the mapping on this blog, but it broke somewhere along the way. So I tried several other blogging apps that advertise location services, but the best I could find was Blogpress, which only inserts a google maps link. It doesn’t actually set any post metadata for coordinates, meaning it doesn’t work with my nifty map plugin, or any other plugins I could find.

So, being a programmer, I wrote my very own wordpress plugin. All it does is use a regular expression to parse a lat/long out of any google maps link in the body of a post and saves those as metadata. At which point, the real plugin takes over. +1 to WordPress for making that plugin super easy to write, but -1 for having a notoriously buggy iPhone app in the first place.

Anyway, my goal of being able to write and geotag a post from anywhere, and upload it whenever I find a signal later, is back on track. Whew!

Location:Laguna Canyon Rd,Irvine,United States

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San Clemente

The view from the top of our hill. I took the picture with the new camera I got for my hike, and I’m posting it straight from my iPhone thanks to the ZoomIt SD card reader I got to go with it.

This post is also geotagged so it’ll show up on the map over on the right, or the big map on the map link at the top. I do like technology.

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Almost outta here

Hi Blog,

Sorry I’ve neglected you. I haven’t even mentioned what I’m doing this year here. I’m going to hike the Appalachian Trail. I’m leaving in a month (See the countdown widget over on the sidebar, which should switch itself to a countup timer when I leave), and will be gone for about six months, barring injuries or other problems. I do plan to update this blog, and even Twitter, when I have signal out there. So keep reading.

For practice, I’m headed out to Anza Borrego state park for two nights this weekend. I have my pack fully loaded and ready to go. For the AT, it weighs in at just under 40lbs. Because Anza Borrego is desert, I have to carry water for the whole trip, that 4 liters adds another 8lbs (Measuring volume in metric and weight in pounds? I would’ve crashed that one mars orbiter for sure!) A 48lb pack is HEA-VY! I think there’s actually a small creek where I’m going and I’d be able to filter water from it, but I’m not willing to count on it. I will be testing the filter if it’s running though.

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