Almost outta here

Hi Blog,

Sorry I’ve neglected you. I haven’t even mentioned what I’m doing this year here. I’m going to hike the Appalachian Trail. I’m leaving in a month (See the countdown widget over on the sidebar, which should switch itself to a countup timer when I leave), and will be gone for about six months, barring injuries or other problems. I do plan to update this blog, and even Twitter, when I have signal out there. So keep reading.

For practice, I’m headed out to Anza Borrego state park for two nights this weekend. I have my pack fully loaded and ready to go. For the AT, it weighs in at just under 40lbs. Because Anza Borrego is desert, I have to carry water for the whole trip, that 4 liters adds another 8lbs (Measuring volume in metric and weight in pounds? I would’ve crashed that one mars orbiter for sure!) A 48lb pack is HEA-VY! I think there’s actually a small creek where I’m going and I’d be able to filter water from it, but I’m not willing to count on it. I will be testing the filter if it’s running though.

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