Day 16

Started from A. Rufus Morgan shelter, made it about 8 miles to Sassafras Gap shelter. The last 7 of those were uphill. This is the fourth Sassafras Gap the trail has crossed, but the first with a shelter.

Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC) was about a mile in today. It’s an interesting place, kind of a mall for outdoor activities in the middle of nowhere (but on a highway, so not really nowhere). I had a cheeseburger and fries and electricity for my phone. Dave and Christy (no trail names yet) had lunch with me too.

Shadow and Country Mouse were there, had gotten there last night and were taking a zero today, CM’s sister was out there going on a kayaking trip. Didn’t meet her, but I saw her in the crazy little kayaks they had. Some other hikers too, like Leap who I hadn’t seen since day 3.

Location:Appalachian Trail,Robbinsville,United States

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  • Mom says:

    Ah, so – running rivers on which to kayak – wonder of wonders – not like our piddly little “only-after-it-rains, sometimes” streams. OTOH, there is kayaking here on the ocean in SD along La Jolla Cove/caves–can rent kayaks.

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