Day 17

Sassafras Gap to Cody Gap. 12 miles. Wanted to go a little further and have a nice short day into Fontana tomorrow, but the weather was kind of lousy all day and there are friends stopped here too. No shelter just tenting. Will still make Fontana no problem, just on a normal day rather than a short one. Hoping I can get a room one way or another, but options may be limited.

Everything is dirty, starting to look like a real thru-hiker now! The things that matter are all dry though, doing fine in that regard. Most of the dirt came from last night’s dusty dirty shelter anyway, not so much the hiking parts.

One guy I started on the same day with might be getting off soon. He was really miserable today and on top of lousy weather and low morale, he lost his glasses. I have I think a great picture of him next time I’m posting people pictures. Hope things turn around for him and he sticks with it. There are people I haven’t seen for a while who might or might not still be hiking, but so far I don’t know of anyone who for sure has quit.

Location:Appalachian Trail,Robbinsville,United States


  1. Mom Said,

    March 30, 2011 @ 7:45 pm

    You’re making great progress. Do we all want to see what a “real thru hiker” looks like, or not? Suppose it’s better to carry some dirt with you, rather than a broom adding weight! Hope the other fellow decides to stick with it and can get new glasses somehow.

  2. Kristi and Eric Said,

    March 31, 2011 @ 10:12 pm

    Hey Joe,
    Sounds like such a great adventure, though I can relate to trying to go on when everything seems to be going wrong. Would be tough. Glad you are doing well – sounds like that steady pace is working for ya! Hope you get some better weather soon. It was 90 here today – WAY too hot for Mar. 31! We’re done w/ class now (sniff, sniff), but excited for some upcoming trips. Looking forward to hiking with u when u return – the wise AT traveler! Happy trails – Kristi and Eric

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