Day 8: Hiawasee

Left Tray Mtn Shelter at 9AM, got to Dick’s Creek Gap around 4:15. No cell signal so started walking and tried to hitch a ride or get a signal, whichever came first. Finally got a signal about a mile later (only about 6 cars went by and didn’t stop) and got a shuttle to the motel here in Hiawasee ($10, thanks Gene!)

Planning on taking an extra day here. I don’t need it for resupplying or anything, but I took a poll of my body parts and they unanimously voted that they need a day off. I don’t feel bad really, just sore everywhere. My right leg is worse than my left and I sometimes have some back pain on that side too. I don’t know why, I need a sports doctor with a high tech imaging doohickey to watch me hike and tell me what I’m doing wrong. I was trying to adjust my pack today to where i feel like there’s more load on my left side, on the theory that when it feels balanced to me its actually heavier on the right. That might have been helping. Really though it still seems like normal aches and pains for walking with a pack all day, I’m not worried about it.

Dinner tonight was at the China Grill AYCE buffet, my first AYCE of I’m sure many. I only ate two plates though, what a noob! But then we got ice cream at DQ next door too. We being Ramblin’ Man, Walking Wally, and Angie and Mike who don’t have trail names yet. Fargo and Caveman were at dinner too but didn’t go for DQ.

Hiawasee is a nice little town on a lake, I’ll get some pictures tomorrow. There are much worse places to spend a day.

Location:Sunnyside Rd,Hiawassee,United States

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  • Eric says:

    Hi Joe, How much are you stretching? Hiking will really tighten up the body. Take it from someone who hates to stretch and learned the hardway. I had terrible lower back problems that resulted from tight hips. Wierd I thought, but I bought into it, did the stretches and sure enough, it worked in a few days it worked. Do a search online and find some to try, it may help. The best one for my issue had me laying on my back and making what I could only discribe as a figure four with my legs and holding it for 45 seconds. You’ll look silly, but it may help. Just my 2 cents. Other than the back, it looks like your trip is coming along. We had 36 in of snow during snow camp and a few good stories to share when you get back. Take care and I hope the back mends soon. Eric and Kristi.

  • Mom says:

    Jacuzzi available anywhere? Probably not! Hope you recover quickly from aches & pains and find out how to “walk right” (or left??) No fun to hurt. Looking forward to next pix. Take care . . .

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