Days 10 & 11: North Carolina

Yesterday I left Hiawasee and got back on the trail at Dick’s Creek Gap. My plan was to stop just across the North Carolina state line at Bly Gap. There had been afternoon thunderstorms predicted. I got there around 4, my first state line! Hurray! But then I pressed on to Muskrat Creek Shelter instead. That was 3 more miles, and just about the toughest 3 miles yet. It’s like NC decided it needed to one-up Georgia right out of the gate.

But I made it. The shelter was full, so I started setting my tent up right away since it was looking more and more like rain, though it was evening by then. As I was setting up, the rain finally started. I only got a few drops on me and my stuff before I got my tent up and everything thrown inside, including myself. Good thing, it was pouring within minutes and went on for half an hour, plus more later that night. After that climb, I slept almost right away and for 12 hours.

Also, my boots were literally steaming when I took them off. No joke!

Today though was bright and sunny all day, and the climb up Standing Indian Mountain was not hard at all even though it’s the highest point between the trail’s start and the Smokies. It’s COLD and windy, but dry and my sleeping bag will be plenty warm. A good day, and so far I haven’t really had to hike in the rain at all, just one drizzly day on day 2. We’ve been very lucky weatherwise so far, let’s hope that holds!

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  1. cinders Said,

    March 25, 2011 @ 2:42 am

    You are in our thoughts and conversations–stay strong, rested and dry! Blessings

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