Days 67 & 68: It Was My Idea

67: campsite to Bailey Gap shelter. 15.0 miles.

68: Bailey Gap to unlisted campsite 3.3 miles past Laurel Creek shelter, 17.9 miles.

This morning I said, “I’m thinking about doing 18 miles. If we do 18, 18, 15, and 18 over the next four days, we’ll get to Daleville a day sooner than we planned.” At first, I’m not sure anyone but me was on board with that idea. But by lunchtime at the first shelter we passed, I had converts. It was still “let’s see how we feel at the next shelter” but it was looking good for my plan.

As is often the case, the gang hiked ahead while I lagged behind going up the day’s big climb. It was a doozy. By the time I got to the second shelter, I was about ready to stop. But they’d all hiked on. I couldn’t very well stop when it was my idea in the first place, so I slogged out the extra 3.3 miles too, arriving about half an hour behind them, ready to collapse.

I instructed them that next time I say something like “I want to hike 18 miles”, I am not to be listened to.

We’ve all done that many miles before though, and it isn’t always that bad. It was a combination of things, like that one big climb and some steep, rocky descents that made it particularly tough today. It’s unknown at this point whether we’ll try the other three days of my plan or not. If nothing else, at least we’re already slightly ahead of schedule.

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  • Mom says:

    You’re making such good progress. I can’t imagine 18 mi. in a day, but know you’ve done it a couple, or more times. Keep the super-hiker thing going!

  • Mom says:

    New follower of your blog–friend, John, who’s been doing my hair for 20 years. Today I finally remembered to give him your website because he always asks about your progress. He has ipad and wifi from the Japanese Tea place next door. He always asks about your progress. (As you know, lots of my friends are following you, too, because I just have to “brag” about your great hike.)

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