Days 73-78: Vacation

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been in hotels since Daleville. I spent three nights at the HoJo, until Lnorigb got into town, then 3 more nights at an airport Hyatt in Roanoke. Nice hotel, crappy location.

Somewhere along the way, my Kindle got broken. There isn’t any obvious damage to it, but the screen was just garbage when switched on. That’s the second one that happened to, the first was a long time ago when it was still under warranty, and hadn’t ever been in a backpack. The Hyatt happened to be half a mile from a Best Buy though, so I just picked up a brand new, smaller, lighter, cheaper one. I’d secretly been hoping for that anyway, the new ones are like 3 ounces lighter! C’mon!

We hooked up with the gang at the Dutch Haus Inn for dinner last night. They’d kept hiking during my vacation of course. But the Dutch Haus is also still 40ish miles ahead of here, so we picked them up at the Janes River and drove them up. That saved them waiting on a shuttle from the Inn, and Lnorigb got a chance to catch up with everyone and meet Flute for the first time.

Today I’m back on the trail, but rather than starting back at Daleville a week behind, I just had Lnorigb drop me at a trail crossing a half mile from Punchbowl Shelter, where the gang was planning on making it today. They did, everyone’s here again. But they’re all planning to head into Buena Vista tomorrow afternoon for a zero day the next day. Having just had 6 zeros, I may just ditch ’em until Waynesboro, the next stop 5 days ahead. I’m supplied for that far.

Beyond that, I’ll be headed home to California for another vacation from Harper’s Ferry, which is less than three weeks away.

All the time off did me a lot of good I think. I’ll find out for sure tomorrow after a real day hiking. Right now I’m happy to be back out on the trail again. Everything’s a lot simpler out here. All those town days are physically relaxing but oddly stressful too. Of course, it’s not the same as being home, but I can definitely feel there’s going to be an adjustment period at the end of this trek. Some people talk about how they have to sleep outside or on the floor for a while to reacclimatize. I won’t have that problem I think. I might have more issues with not having everything I need on my back all the time. Having stuff strewn around a hotel room adds to the town stress too – what am I forgetting to pack up? When I’m not carrying a pack any more, what form is that stress going to take?

On the other hand, not worrying about remaining battery power so much will be nice. This post already ate 10% of my battery, just a few hours back on the trail.

Also, I want to say thanks to everyone reading this blog. I read all your comments, whether they come from
Facebook or the blog comments, and I love hearing who’s following along.

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2 Comments to Days 73-78: Vacation

  • Mom says:

    You’re resupplied, refreshed, ready. Glad you had a good several days off, and are now anxious to get going again. So, living out of a self-sufficient back pack isn’t like living out of a suitcase at all. In some ways, reading your description, easier on your brain since things aren’t scattered around, but all in one place, all the time. I continue to be in awe of your adventurous endeavor.

  • Kristi and Eric says:

    Sounds like you really needed and got some good R&R – yeah! And, I’m sure you and Lnorigb enjoyed seeing each other!! I can only imagine what it must be like to live for so long out of a backpack. You’ll have to teach us some organization tricks when you get back b/c I misplace important stuff every time I’m out!! Eric and I went hiking this past weekend with Laurent from our WTC class – did 10 miles out at Casper’s Park. It was a beautiful day for a hike! We discussed your adventures and gave Laurent an update as he had not seen your blog. We’ve really enjoyed WTC ‘post class’ and have been camping, on hikes and just out for beers with other WTCers in the last couple of months. When you get back, you’ll have to join us!

    Good to have you ‘back’ online! I look forward to reading about your adventures!

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