Off the Trail

Yes, for real. I made the decision to get off the trail a few days ago. I’m at tge airport now waiting for my flight home. I’ve been hanging around to make sure I got a proper goodbye with my good friends Shadow, Country Mouse and Flute Walker. I picked them up near Waynesboro yesterday and we all went out for one last AYCE hiker meal (last for me anyway, they’re all still going!) and ice cream. They are friends for life at this point and I hope they make it to the end. If you’re looking for trail updates, you can follow their continuing journey at I have promised to leave them snarky comments too. If the timing works out, I’d love to come back and hike up Katahdin with them in the fall too. But other than that my hike is over.

As for why, it just reached the point where I felt like I wasn’t getting anything out of it any more. On top of that, it’s getting hotter, and buggier. The bugs seemed to like me an awful lot; there wasn’t going to be a day I didn’t itch until it got cool again up north. I’ll miss my friends a lot, but I’m not going to miss the heat, the bugs, the sore feet, the weight on my back, or a whole bunch of other little annoyances.

I hiked 800 miles and I’m glad I did it. I would do it again if I had it to do over. Maybe I’ll even make it back someday and do the rest. Maybe I won’t. Either way it was a great experience.

What next? I don’t know! I’m still planning on taking the summer off of work. But I’ll spend it with Lnorigb at home or somewhere else nice instead of with the mosquitos out in the woods.

Thanks for reading the blog. I’ll miss writing daily updates here. Writing here was one of my favorite parts of the trip.

Location:Sayward Blvd,Herndon,United States

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4 Comments to Off the Trail

  • Sven Wallman says:

    It has been fun following you (I used to play netrek paradise a long time ago).

  • Mom says:

    800 miles is a huge accomplishment. Good for you! There can’t be many who’ve done that much of the AT. It’s an awesome adventure you had. I’ll miss your entertaining blogs, but see you soon.

  • Kristi and Eric says:

    Joe, your trek has been amazing and it’s all yours! 800 miles is awesome! Welcome home – it’s cooler and much less buggy here! We’d love to get out and hike w/ ya when you are ready to get back out there! Keep in touch!

  • Wes says:

    Cool, sounds like a good trip and respect for doing what you want. Those guys finishing the AT while weeping because they want to be done but don’t think they can stop have it all wrong.

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