Road Trip: Days 1-2.5

I’ve always wanted to watch a Space Shuttle launch. There’s only one more, ever. So I’m on my way to Florida, the long way. I don’t have a schedule except the family will join me at Disney World on July 4th.

I do have some guidelines though.

  • No Interstates – try to take the old highways when I can.
  • Never eat at the same place twice. For example, McDonald’s is a place, not one specific McDonald’s. So I can eat at chains, but only once per. I’ll have to try the local places. I’m writing this from a 50s Diner in Mesquite, Nevada. It feels authentic to me in that the one adjective that comes to mind when I think of food from the 50s is “boring”. If I decide this rule applies to Starbucks too, I might be in big trouble.
  • If I see any roadside attractions proclaiming “World’s Adjectivest Noun”, I have to stop there. Like the World’s Biggest Ball of Twine. Or the World’s Tiniest Violin.

    They’re guidelines, not rules. The no interstates rule is pretty hard to follow completely in the southwest, but I think other than the stretch of I15 I’m on now from Vegas to Zion in Utah, and a little bit of I40, I can do it.

    So far I’ve stopped at the Palm Springs tram and then spent a couple of nights in Vegas. Tonight I’ll be at Zion National Park, and then the Grand Canyon tomorrow. Not really enough time for either, probably, just enough for some quick pictures and then back on the road.

    I was going to add pictures from the tram to this post before posting, but I’d already gotten them off my phone onto my laptop. And then my laptop’s hard drive died. Completely. I have a spare bootable external drive that was cloned just a few days ago. That works fine. The only thing I’ll lose at all besides time fixing it are those pictures. So it’s really just annoying. But boy do I feel smart for having that extra drive! I’ve never travelled with one before. Now I always will.

    Location:N Sandhill Blvd,Mesquite,United States

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