Mouse Potato

Mouse Potato lets you track what TV shows you’ve watched, and tells you what episodes to watch next.”

I spent a couple of days making a website for tracking what TV episodes you’ve watched. It’s live at, free for anyone to use. It’ll stay that way unless it somehow gets popular and I have to figure out better hosting. Not that there’s anything wrong with Dreamhost, I’m happy with them, but it’s running on the same VM as this blog and @lnorigb’s blog and other stuff.

From the about page:

Other sites concentrate on telling you what episode is going to air next. At Mouse Potato, we don’t care. We watch shows on DVRs, on Blu-Ray, and on the internet. We just want to remember where WE left off, not where the network left off.

Mouse Potato remembers what episodes you’ve watched, and tells you what the next one is. That’s all there is to it. Sign up and get started today!

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