How do I love thee? Let me count the days.

Lnorigb‘s been bugging me to give her a thing in her calendar that tells her what day number each of her projects is on, so that her blog entries can be accurate. I finally wrote up this crappy little python script to do it. Requires the icalendar python package (easy_install icalendar). I just set up a file like:


Which tells my script to create an iCal event every day for 90 work days named “Towner, Day ##”, and don’t count Christmas or New Year’s day as work days.

Not shown is the bit at the end that uploads the resulting .ics file to a web server, which then allows Lnorigb to simply subscribe to it in iCal. So if I make any changes in the output, like skipped days, increasing or decreasing the total count, or just general improvements, her calendar will automatically reflect the changes.

This is isn’t the best code I ever wrote, but it gave me an excuse to put a syntax highlighting plugin on the blog. And it’s not like I’m expecting to have to do a lot of maintenance work on it. Of course now that I’ve said that, it’s obviously going to cause me grief for many years. Eventually I suppose it will need a full fledged scheduling application, complete with payment calculators for her workers based on facial recogonition of the posted pictures on her blog, auto-blog posting, twitter updates, a related facebook application, and RSS feed generators. All of the above will be driven by the nine million state version of the stupid little state machine parser at the top of the script.

Yeah, don’t write code you’re not willing to maintain.

(Code follows after the break.)

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Is my average post too long winded for you? Then you should follow my stupid twitter updates instead.

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Today is gadget day

The new MacBook Air was announced today.  “We” promptly ordered one, which really means I can actually have my MacBook Pro back in about two weeks.

But that’s not why it’s gadget day.  I posted a while back about the conditions under which Honorary Gadget Girl could drop the “Honorary”.  I have been remiss in not posting that she got an  iPhone for Christmas and so has not been Honorary for a month.  But today she met the other condition as well.  There’ll be “music” in the “air” tonight.

I’m so glad my Mom knows about this blog.  Hi, Mom!

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Dust in the wind

Her, writing a blog post: “Why can’t I delete this period? What is that?”

Me: “That’s a speck of dust”

Her: “…”


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Speaking at GDC

I’ll be on a round table discussion on “Taming Online Scaling Issues” at the Austin Game Developer’s Conference, September 5th through the 7th. My session is on the 6th. Since it’s just a round table, I’m only talking for a few minutes, as are the other participants, and then it’s an open discussion for anyone that shows up.

Stop by and join in, or just say hi, if you’re around.

Taming online scaling issues is closely related to taming lions. Whips and wodden chairs are involved, and every once in a while someone suffers a disfiguring accident.

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Posting from iPhone

Only took 13 calls and 46 hours, but it works now. Whew.

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Disk Space

I remember the first time I had 1TB of storage online. I’d been thinking for several years before hand that anyone could easily build a single box with 1TB of storage. I didn’t hit it until I added a 500GB network drive. That drive is still online, mostly just holding backups of stuff from important drives. Everything else that made up that original 1TB is mostly offline (one machine is still hooked up and working, but almost never turned on)

I have 2TB online now. I didn’t even notice when that happened. It was less than two years after I hit 1TB, maybe less than one year. And I didn’t notice until someone else mentioned that they had 2TB online. Not only that, but half of it is free space. I have 1TB+ of free space and I didn’t even notice that.

Of course, not many people hook a 750GB firewire drive up to a Mac Mini and use it as their media center “PC”, but that’s just the kind of guy I am.

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