Red wine and nachos

Go together like :

  • Anchovies and licorice.
  • Onions and coffee
  • Olives and marmalade

Other than that, Suzanne Vega at the coachhouse was a good show!

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My ship has come in

In the form of a frozen chicken breast. But not just any chicken breast. Oh no. Straight to eBay with this one, hello easy street!


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Scones 2

The last time was an experiment to see if that recipe was better than the other one I’ve tried. It was. So today these popped out of the oven:


And were quickly topped with maple icing and pecans.

There were 8 of them. I had to make sure they were ok before I took a picture.


Wednesday, November 29th, 2006 Uncategorized 5 Comments


I baked these misshapen lumps today. Some call them scones.


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