How do I love thee? Let me count the days.

Lnorigb‘s been bugging me to give her a thing in her calendar that tells her what day number each of her projects is on, so that her blog entries can be accurate. I finally wrote up this crappy little python script to do it. Requires the icalendar python package (easy_install icalendar). I just set up a file like:


Which tells my script to create an iCal event every day for 90 work days named “Towner, Day ##”, and don’t count Christmas or New Year’s day as work days.

Not shown is the bit at the end that uploads the resulting .ics file to a web server, which then allows Lnorigb to simply subscribe to it in iCal. So if I make any changes in the output, like skipped days, increasing or decreasing the total count, or just general improvements, her calendar will automatically reflect the changes.

This is isn’t the best code I ever wrote, but it gave me an excuse to put a syntax highlighting plugin on the blog. And it’s not like I’m expecting to have to do a lot of maintenance work on it. Of course now that I’ve said that, it’s obviously going to cause me grief for many years. Eventually I suppose it will need a full fledged scheduling application, complete with payment calculators for her workers based on facial recogonition of the posted pictures on her blog, auto-blog posting, twitter updates, a related facebook application, and RSS feed generators. All of the above will be driven by the nine million state version of the stupid little state machine parser at the top of the script.

Yeah, don’t write code you’re not willing to maintain.

(Code follows after the break.)

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Lnor says

“I like turtle butt”

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It’s official

It just didn’t feel real until Facebook was updated.

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Too bad

That there aren’t more pretty things to look at in BC.

And the best for last.

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Lnor says

‘”Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac”? I don’t remember putting that on my wishlist.’

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In the command center

Launch missiles!


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Morning People

I have never thought of myself as a morning person. But lately, compared to Lnor and Egg, I am Betty Fracking Crocker.
Next on rumsey.org: Artichoke pancakes the whole family will love!

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See what I mean?


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You’re a silly goose, Lnor

But I love you anyway.


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I’m a TV Star

Or at least the back of my head is. I’m in there, front and center, right behind Paul’s stalkergroupie (lnor) and her mom.

Things I learned at this taping:

  • Getting all monitors to display everything in the correct aspect ratio all the time is so difficult that even a major network television show can’t get it right. Before the show they had an old episode playing on the widescreen studio monitors, and parts of it were squashed vertically.
  • Jimmy Kimmel “Live” is so not live that they taped another musical performance from The Swell Season the night we were there, and it doesn’t air until Friday.

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