Today is gadget day

The new MacBook Air was announced today.  “We” promptly ordered one, which really means I can actually have my MacBook Pro back in about two weeks.

But that’s not why it’s gadget day.  I posted a while back about the conditions under which Honorary Gadget Girl could drop the “Honorary”.  I have been remiss in not posting that she got an  iPhone for Christmas and so has not been Honorary for a month.  But today she met the other condition as well.  There’ll be “music” in the “air” tonight.

I’m so glad my Mom knows about this blog.  Hi, Mom!

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Honorary Gadget Girl

My girlfriend calls me gadget boy. She has earned the right to be called honorary gadget girl. She has more things plugged in next to the bed than I do, and she fixed my car’s nav system once. I told her she can’t drop the “honorary” until she can read email from anywhere. What kind of gadget person can’t even get email at the beach in 2007? Come on! It hurts just thinking about it.

Then she came across these.   Purchasing one of those will also earn her her place as a full fledged gadget girl.


I will keep you posted as to her status.

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Friday, September 28th, 2007 Uncategorized 1 Comment

Speaking at GDC

I’ll be on a round table discussion on “Taming Online Scaling Issues” at the Austin Game Developer’s Conference, September 5th through the 7th. My session is on the 6th. Since it’s just a round table, I’m only talking for a few minutes, as are the other participants, and then it’s an open discussion for anyone that shows up.

Stop by and join in, or just say hi, if you’re around.

Taming online scaling issues is closely related to taming lions. Whips and wodden chairs are involved, and every once in a while someone suffers a disfiguring accident.

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iPhone Line

I just posted photos from the iPhone line on Friday.  This was at the Fashion Island Apple Store.  It was a lot of fun, the people in line were awesome, and Apple sent around bottled water and coffee all day, and ice cream bars once.  Plus since I got there around 9:30 AM, I got a spot that was in the shade all day.  There was a window of a couple of hours where everyone got lucky like that.  Earlier or later and I would have roasted.

Sure, it turned out I probably could have just gone and bought one on Saturday at some Apple stores (there are four Apple stores in a 20 mile radius, it’s a little nuts around here), but I think that one did sell out that night, and it was like a big party.

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Disk Space

I remember the first time I had 1TB of storage online. I’d been thinking for several years before hand that anyone could easily build a single box with 1TB of storage. I didn’t hit it until I added a 500GB network drive. That drive is still online, mostly just holding backups of stuff from important drives. Everything else that made up that original 1TB is mostly offline (one machine is still hooked up and working, but almost never turned on)

I have 2TB online now. I didn’t even notice when that happened. It was less than two years after I hit 1TB, maybe less than one year. And I didn’t notice until someone else mentioned that they had 2TB online. Not only that, but half of it is free space. I have 1TB+ of free space and I didn’t even notice that.

Of course, not many people hook a 750GB firewire drive up to a Mac Mini and use it as their media center “PC”, but that’s just the kind of guy I am.

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