Merry Christmas

Someone said “ship it!” and I misunderstood, so I’m on a ship until after Christmas.  Since I know millions of people’s lives are not complete without checking this blog for updates several times a day, here is something to tide you over.



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March of the Pigs








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Too bad

That there aren’t more pretty things to look at in BC.

And the best for last.

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Binary Star

I didn’t check my itinerary very carefully, and thus was unaware that travelling to Tucson would place me in a distant solar system featuring a binary star. Live and learn.

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Worse things to wake up to

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The Ruins of Ur’vine

Lost for many years, the city of Ur’vine was once thought to be mythical. There are untold ancient tombs, crypts, temples, homes, and sacrificial office parks that have long since been claimed by jungle.

On a recent excursion with my trusty jungle trekking dog, J.D., seen here,


we came across this stairway. I believe it was once used for dark rituals of the sort not spoken of in polite company. Even today, the stench of copy machine toner is strong. Now, it is almost completely hidden by the lush rainforest undergrowth.


Sadly, there was no time to explore further. As it is well known that Ur’vine is full of poison dart traps and giant rolling stone balls, I will not explore this ancient site further until I have my bullwhip and fedora handy.

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We’re going to go see Tool in Las Vegas next month. Also Bjork the following day. One show for me, one show for her. It’s like they planned that weekend just for us. It’ll be fantastic!

So this morning, do we listen to Tool? Bjork? Oh no. Boyz 2 Men christmas music, that’s what I get subjected to.


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