If you ____ your brains out, you will be immune from zombies.


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Prepared for zombie attacks

There is a slightly less insane reason for this.


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All the way there

Are you like me? When you hear the phrase “Half way there”, do you always have to mentally complete it with “WHOA-OH, living on a prayer!”? I hate all the crap in my brain.

Anyway, here’s how I looked after the full 46 miles it wound up being.

Skeleton on a bike

Actually not really, it felt really good. I could’ve even gone a little further. In fact, I feel better than I did after 40 miles last week. I’m really liking this program.

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Zombies overrun Balboa island

We all knew it was coming, but it’s finally happened. This 4th of July, Balboa was overrun by zombies. Here is a picture from the final moments of one intrepid reporter. Soon after this was uploaded, he succumbed and his brains were devoured. The entire island was then cordoned off by police, and all zombies attempting to leave were dispatched by shotgun.


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