There used to be an XGalaga home page. It hasn't existed for many years, but since getting this domain working properly again (I really only use it for email) I've noticed there are still places linking here.

So here are a few XGalaga links for you

  • There's a SourceForge project for XGalaga. I don't know who set it up, it wasn't me, but I got myself set up as the admin. Contributors are still welcome.
  • XGalaga: Hyperspace, a modified version
  • There's also XGalaga++ which appears to be a complete reimplementation of XGalaga using my sprites (I'm fine with that!)
  • XGalaga has been ported to Android mobile phones! Now if only someone would do the iPhone port so I can stop pretending like I might think about doing it myself someday.

    Does building, downloading and running all those sound like way too much work for you? I wrote a little Asteroids game you can play right in your browser. It works even if you can't be bothered to install Flash (except for the sound effects), and we have already determined you are adverse to work, so it's probably right up your alley. I just hope you have the energy to to click the link.

    Got more? Let me know, I'll add 'em.

    - Joe

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